Meet Anya

Anya is a Blue Merle Border Collie in the picture above Anya was 6 1/2 months old. Anya was born in Evesham England her mother lady was a Blue Merle border collie and her father was a black and white border collie. Those that are familiar with Blue Merle Collies will know you do not want a double Merle as you can have blindness and deafness in the pups.  I will never forget the day we picked Anya up it was a long drive from our home in Scotland to fetch her but oh so worth it.

The minute the car door closed this tiny bundle of fluff squealed and squealed and squealed our sister Sharon was in the back of the car beside her cage and we all thought no way could we put up with that awful noise all the way home. I was worried it was separation from her mother but thankfully Sharon had a brain wave. ‘ I wonder if she’s hungry ‘? A tray of food was no sooner opened and the little munchkin was gobbling it up. Having had 11 siblings I guess food was important to make a nose for. As soon as she finished she happily curled up for a sleep and was an angel during the long drive to Scotland.

Anya was a fabulous puppy although to this day she is very selective and will not go to toilet unless home in her own garden she will grudgly piddle at Kevin’s mums if must but we have taken her on 13 hour drives and still she refuses to toilet out and about. She does love her drives in the car and loves seeing sheep.

She’s a little diva with a bed time routine that would turn a cold heart warm. Every night without fail she comes to me slaps a paw on my chest and puts her head into my neck making a cute wee nose. This happens until I ask Kevin, Dad for gravy bones, The second she hears me finish the sentence, she jumps over to Kevin tail swishing in anticipation.  She has got wise to Kevin halving them and will do the whole routine again to get what she deems is her deserved pre bed time snack.