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Hiya My Name is Sharon and I am a 'Craftaholic' lol,
I am sure if you have found yourself wandering in my little space on the net then you might be one too. Pull up a chair and get comfy
I will try not to bore you with a long winded introduction but I can't promise after all my blog is called Creative Ramblings. *wink*
Now that your sitting comfy I will begin, 

I am happily married to Kevin the boy I met at 16 and through life's ups and downs something that has always remained a constant is my love for him. We have not been blessed by children unless you count my four legged furry boy Ben. He is a border collie a joy to share our life's with but can be a real challenge too he certainly knows how to keep Kevin and I on our toes. He is the families clown always knows just how to make you smile. He gives the best collie cuddles too even strangers get cuddles lol it is the one thing we have never been able to get him to stop but I have to whisper this in case Kevin hears lol.. Its something I don't want to stop I adore my bouncy cuddly hugs from my big furry lad. He turns six next January but he still bounces about as if he was 6 weeks long may it continue. I once heard a trainer on TV say a border collie is like having a two year old child running about all the time lol.

Editted this page April 2018 but have left the part about my Ben in even though he has passed away as this page reminds me of the joy he brought us. 

We are now owned by Anya our Blue Merle Border Collie,
Anya is a gentle soul a timid little thing that brings us lots of joy. Every evening I get my cuddle and a paw slapped on my chest and this is so I ask Kevin to give her gravy bones I ask and then she goes to the gravy bone spot at the bottom of our bed on her blanket. lol Once she has had them she goes to bed to sleep. This is a nightly routine it makes me giggle.

I am big sister to three siblings, Auntie too my little brothers  handsome boys can't believe how old they are getting and the eldest is taller them me already. Auntie to my ( little sister the baby of the family's) little girl she is a darling such a princess. My little sister now has provided us with a beautiful Nephew so I am delighted to be an auntie to him and he has just recently celebrated his first birthday.

We have a niece and nephews on Kevin's side too bit strange as one of our nephews might be nephew in law as he married our niece is older then Kevin and I lol he calls me auntie to tease me but secretly it doesn't bother me lol, They have two beautiful.. no handsome lads our great nephews.
We are very proud and love both sides of the family dearly it comes in handy that I am a card maker with so many family birthdays to go round lol.

 I used to travel a lot to visit craft shops and demo's I would go in the shop or hall and Ben and Kevin would go for a wander or a sleep in the car, due to ill health not going to bore you with the details as I am very aware a lot of crafters suffer from ill health but as a result those trips have had to stop. saves
 fuel so more pennies for craft yippee lol

 Isn't being able to be online the best thing ever for making the world a smaller place?. Being online has opened up a whole new world to me I am blessed to meet such lovely crafty friends as I have online and in person during the last ten years since beginning my crafty journey.
I have been lucky to see many of my cards published in magazines and have designed samples for a few companies. I currently design samples for My Craft Studio/TatteredLace Designs. & Creative Crafting World I'm honoured to be one of Lynda's girls. My makes can be seen on Ideal World and Create and Craft shopping channels.

 I also proud to be on a blog challenge team for PaperNest Dolls. I love Christine's lovely designs inspired by her four beautiful children. 

 I feel very honoured and blessed to be on the design teams I am I also enjoy doing some Guest design team work too. The funny thing is I sit thinking why me? I am my own worse critic when it comes to my own stuff yet the holes I might pick in mine I never see in others work. I think I just need to be confident worry less and enjoy this journey. 

I love nature too and my all time favourite thing to do is for Kevin and I to pack the car with a picnic and go for a drive somewhere nice and have a walk round Ben loves it too. I also love spotting wildlife on our travels and living in Scotland you don't have to go to far away to see nature. If we are in the car we tell Ben when we see sheep, horse, cattle.. etc and he sits up and watches them till we get down the road a bit then our big brave collie will say WOOF! just the once as if he showed them lol We giggle every time he does it and then he's all pleased with himself and heads back to sleep lol till the next WOOF! lol.  The funny thing is we have three foxes that are right across the street from us and he watches them silently without a word lol I think they might be a bit too close for a Woof ! 

What else can I tell you about me I am a huge fan of Facebook and Twitter as well as craft forums to
 name but a few would take me all night so I will just say the craft bubble, trimcraft and docrafts site I'm known as Doodles on those forums but I have to confess I don't spend as much time as I used to in the forums I am too busy trying to juggle family things with my design work and vice versa. I love it though it's a fantastic hobby /passion to have and I have managed to support a lot of charities with my makes over the years so it is win win for me reason to craft while helping others.

Thanks for sticking with me to the end of this rather long winded page I do hope you've enjoyed your read and even had a wee smile be sure to look me up on face book or twitter and say hi.
Happy Crafting everyone. :)
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