My Friend Ben

The Most Handsomest Border Collie in the whole wide world according to my very own opinion lol.

A bit about Ben the Border Collie:

We have had Ben since he was five weeks old. He did not have the best of starts and was taken away from his fifteen year old mother after his brother died. Ben was then fostered but kept in a cage till we bought him.
Ben was like a wild animal when I went to collect him not wanting held and not the most sociable little thing either. It was hard going with Ben he was a biter and didn't trust us. One day I sat on the stairs crying at the destruction all around me and thinking enough was enough We would sadly need to give Ben up. When out of the blue this wild little thing climbed up the stairs and sat beside me and licked my hand.! It was then I had a chat with my furry lad and swear he understood what I was saying.
Since that day Ben and I have been the very best of friends, He is
a different dog We still have the fear issue, Thunder, fireworks Various other sounds , Separation anxiety and the like but we can work through all that and more as he is a very special part of our family.


With a heavy heart I have to update this that my beloved Collie went over the Rainbow bridge aged 7 years and 8 months.
RIP best friend x
2/1/08- 20/8/15
Gone but never forgotten.